Green Smoothie              Calories 260   Fat 7g   Carbohydrates 48g   Fiber 9g   Sugar 31g   Protein 7g

Tropical Smoothie           Calories 280   Fat 4.5g  Carbohydrates 61g   Fiber 5g   Sugar 40g   Protein 4g

Protein Smoothie            Calories 390    Fat 5g   Carbohydrates 56g   Fiber 5g   Sugar 40g   Protein 35g

Detox                                Calories 80      Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 21g   Fiber 1g   Sugar 14g   Protein 1g

Watermelon Juice          Calories 100      Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 23g   Fiber 3g   Sugar 18g   Protein 3g

Cleansing Drink              Calories 140   Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 34g   Fiber 4g   Sugar 25g   Protein 3g

Lemonade                        Calories 100   Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 26g   Fiber 0g   Sugar 27g   Protein 0g

Mango Lemonade           Calories 150   Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 38g   Fiber 1g   Sugar 36g   Protein 0g

Almond Milk Espresso    Calories 260   Fat 22g   Carbohydrates 18g   Fiber 1g   Sugar 17g   Protein 1g

Lime Iced Tea                   Calories 52   Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 13g   Fiber 0g   Sugar 12g   Protein 0g

Chai Town                         Calories 90   Fat 1g   Carbohydrates 20g   Fiber 2g   Sugar 14g   Protein 2g

Ginger Town                     Calories 240   Fat 0g   Carbohydrates 53g   Fiber 4g   Sugar 35g   Protein 4g



Spring Rolls (3)                 Calories 366    Fat 21g   Carbohydrates 41g   Fiber 7g   Sugar 16g   Protein 8g

Quinoa Patties (3)            Calories 408   Fat 6g   Carbohydrates 72g   Fiber 12g   Sugar 4g   Protein 18g

Tranquility                        Calories 370    Fat 34g   Carbohydrates 18g   Fiber 12g   Sugar 3g   Protein 4g

Pesto Rosso Dip              Calories 270    Fat 19g   Carbohydrates 22g   Fiber 6g   Sugar 13g   Protein 7g

Kale Guacamole Dip       Calories 80    Fat 6g   Carbohydrates 6g   Fiber 3g   Sugar 1g   Protein 2g

Red Pepper Walnut         Calories 70    Fat 6g   Carbohydrates 5g   Fiber 2g   Sugar 3g   Protein 1g

Eggplant Pesto              Calories 140    Fat 9g   Carbohydrates 14g   Fiber 4g   Sugar 7g   Protein 3g

Harissa                              Calories 130    Fat 13g   Carbohydrates 3g   Fiber 1g   Sugar 0g   Protein 1g

Mushroom Pate                Calories 110    Fat 8g   Carbohydrates 9g   Fiber 5g   Sugar 1g   Protein 4g



Bean Salad (s)                    Calories 588     Fat 34g   Carbohydrates 59g   Fiber 20g   Sugar 8g   Protein 18g

Kale Quinoa (s)                  Calories 360      Fat 16g   Carbohydrates 44g   Fiber 10g   Sugar 11g   Protein 16g

Jungle Salad (s)                  Calories 520     Fat 17g   Carbohydrates 77g   Fiber 19g   Sugar 14g   Protein 22g

Detox Salad (s)                  Calories 260     Fat 14g   Carbohydrates 20g   Fiber 3g   Sugar 4g   Protein 10g

Romaine Salad (s)              Calories 280     Fat 24g   Carbohydrates 15g   Fiber 5g   Sugar 7.5g   Protein 8g

Seaweed Salad (s)              Calories 500     Fat 34g   Carbohydrates 42g   Fiber 5g   Sugar 17g   Protein 13g

Raw Kale Salad (s)              Calories 285     Fat 21g   Carbohydrates 19g   Fiber 3g   Sugar 4g   Protein 11g

Spinach Salad (s)               Calories 485     Fat 35g   Carbohydrates 34g   Fiber 10g   Sugar 5g   Protein 14g



Immunity Soup (s)             Calories 145    Fat 9g   Carbohydrates 15g   Fiber 4g   Sugar 4g   Protein 5g

Green Goddess (s)            Calories 75      Fat 1g   Carbohydrates 15g   Fiber 7g   Sugar 4g   Protein 5g

Beetroot Soup (s)              Calories 375     Fat 30g   Carbohydrates 24g   Fiber 6g   Sugar 15g   Protein 8g

Pumpkin Soup (s)             Calories 210      Fat 17g   Carbohydrates 17g   Fiber 3g   Sugar 7g   Protein 4g



Black Bean Burger           Calories 440      Fat 17g   Carbohydrates 86g   Fiber 3g   Sugar 15g   Protein 20g

Portobello Burger            Calories 380      Fat 12g   Carbohydrates 57g   Fiber 6g   Sugar 9g   Protein 14g



Arabian Wrap (s)              Calories 440    Fat 18g   Carbohydrates 51g   Fiber 8g   Sugar 3g   Protein 15g

California Wrap (s)             Calories 350    Fat 18g   Carbohydrates 44g   Fiber 11g   Sugar 3g   Protein 12g



Matchstick Pasta            Calories 930    Fat 63g   Carbohydrates 74g   Fiber 15g   Sugar 9g   Protein 30g

Thai Curry                        Calories 660      Fat 47g   Carbohydrates 55g   Fiber 10g   Sugar 8g   Protein 15g

Pesto Pasta                       Calories 910     Fat 16g   Carbohydrates 158g   Fiber 13g   Sugar 11g   Protein 35g

Quinoa Bowl                    Calories 500    Fat 58g   Carbohydrates 102g   Fiber 16g   Sugar 8g   Protein 32g

Soba                                 Calories 580     Fat 20g   Carbohydrates 84g   Fiber 21g   Sugar 18g   Protein 32g

Vegetable Paella             Calories 630     Fat 16g   Carbohydrates 110g   Fiber 20g   Sugar 12g   Protein 20g

Japanese Curry               Calories 600      Fat 33g   Carbohydrates 70g   Fiber 15g   Sugar 24g   Protein 18g

Kale Lentil Stew               Calories 580      Fat 27g   Carbohydrates 68g   Fiber 7g   Sugar 6g   Protein 26g

Quinoa Chili                     Calories 600      Fat 10g   Carbohydrates 109g   Fiber 16g   Sugar 3g   Protein 24g

Udon Noodles                   Calories 520      Fat 21g   Carbohydrates 71g   Fiber 9g   Sugar 9g   Protein 23g



Tropical Raw Cake           Calories 910       Fat 73g   Carbohydrates 51g   Fiber 6g   Sugar 32g   Protein 11g

Ecstasy Balls                    Calories 470      Fat 31g   Carbohydrates 56g   Fiber 10g   Sugar 40g   Protein 7g

Cheese Cake                   Calories 300      Fat 19g   Carbohydrates 27g   Fiber 2g   Sugar 12g   Protein 8g

Vegan Cheese Cake        Calories 930      Fat 73g   Carbohydrates 68g   Fiber 9g   Sugar 46g   Protein 14g