A Letter To Our Friends and Fans

As you know, we have just launched a new menu. Many of you have visited us since its introduction and have tried the new dishes and have given us positive feedback. We thank you for that. But for others, not everything has been rosy. You've also given us feedback and we can’t thank you enough. We value all of it and take it seriously. Here is what we are doing with it. 

Change isn’t easy. 

We know that changing the menu means upsetting guests who are used to their favorite dishes. In the past, we only changed a handful of dishes each time and therefore the menu showed continuity.  However, we learned quickly that we may have stepped a bit too far. With our new executive chef Nick Gratton on board, he brings many new ideas to the table, and as such,  enthusiasm likely got the best of us- so much so that we changed 80% of the menu. While we do hope you’ll find new favorites soon, we will bring back some of the tried and true faves. 

More variety.

Many people commented on the reduced selection in this menu. There were two reasons for this. First, we wanted to increase the speed of service, especially during the busy lunch hours, and with some of the previous dishes and drinks, making them from scratch was slowing us down. Secondly, we had a lot of feedback from the previous menu that there were too many choices. So we were trying to respond in kind but perhaps we pared back too far. So starting within a week or so, we will be adding variety to your choices by bringing back dishes via weekly specials and creating new seasonal dishes for you to try as well. 

Vegan Dining.

Our previous menus were nearly entirely vegan and every item had symbols to help you make choices quite easily. Again, we underestimated the impact of this, especially with our vegan guests and we apologize for that inconvenience.  We can always turn nearly any dish vegan by simply requesting the vegan option. We will bring back symbols in our menu to flag this clearly. 

Nutritional Information.

This is available still at our website. Click here to access it. Again, we thought scanning a QR code at each table in the restaurant to get all the info at your fingertips would be easy. But many people miss it in the menu. Point taken. 

We sincerely appreciate all of you who shared your thoughts with us. It’s been said many times, but it truly is the only way we get better and deliver for you. Pure and Whole exists for our healthy community here in Shanghai so ensuring we are doing right by you is our number one priority, and a promise we will always keep. 

Thank you again and we do hope to see you again soon at Pure and Whole. 

Frank, Rich, Gilles and Julie