Represent Pure & Whole and help people LIVE LIGHTER! 


Pure and Whole is looking to form a mighty tribe of passionate ambassadors that will help guide people to incorporate more plant based foods into their diet. By introducing people to Pure and Whole, you will be sharing your passion for good, clean, wholesome food and switching people on to living a healthier lifestyle. 


What You Get


As a Pure and Whole Ambassador, you will carry an Ambassador Membership Card personally entitling you to a 25% discount any time you dine alone at Pure and Whole. When you dine with others, the whole table receives 15% off the whole bill.


Furthermore, as an Ambassador, you'll be spreading good karma and plant based nutrition across Shanghai.  Ambassadors will also enjoy all kinds of special perks--from invites to private events, Pure and Whole exclusive tastings and more. 


What You Do As An Ambassador


You regularly take photos of the dishes you enjoy at Pure and Whole and post to your WeChat Moments and other social media accounts. 


Make recommendations, share about a staff member or simple share your passion! 


You bring your friends to Pure and Whole, or give them our shop cards and coupons for them to come and enjoy a meal themselves. 


We require you to stay active as an ambassador - That is, you come at least once weekly, alone or with guests, and you distribute coupons to friends. As an active ambassador, your discounts and specials remain active.


How do I become an Ambassador?

Everyone has their reasons for sharing the passion for plant based nutrition. Whether its food safety, environmental reasons, or just the health benefits, we’re looking for seriously passionate people who fit those profiles to help spread our positive message. 


How do I sign up/apply?

If you're ready to take your passion to the next level and become an Ambassador, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you. Not all applicants are accepted because we only want truly motivated people who have a natural inclination to share about healthy, good plant based food so tell us why you're a good fit for this program.